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The Silver&Fit Signature Series offers 3 different, progressive levels of group fitness programming designed to meet the needs of the wide variety of older adult fitness levels and abilities—from the de-conditioned or new exerciser who requires in chair programming to the athletic, fitter older adult who has continued to stay active.

This distance learning course will educate and train instructors on how to teach three different levels of Silver&Fit group fitness classes: Explore, Experience, and Excel. All classes provide older adult students with fun, time-efficient, circuit-based workouts that encompass a well-rounded approach to fitness so they can maintain an independent lifestyle, continue to participate in activities they love, and be empowered to live healthier, happier lives.

This course consists of 17 learning modules; each contains a unique combination of required reading, video presentations, practical application drills, and quizzes to ensure learning objectives are met.  After the 17 modules have been completed, students are required to pass a final test by scoring 70% or higher. 

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Available Course Credits

ACE 1.30
AFAA 13.00
NASM 1.30

Course Procedure

1. Enroll in the curriculum 2. Take all modules 3. View and study module content 4. After each step, click "Go to Next Step" until you have passed 5. Print your certificate of completion for the entire curriculum 6. Connect with the Silver&Fit Education Team for class launch and next steps

Course Content

Module 1: Course Introduction
Module 2: Considerations of Aging
Module 3: Foundational Training Systems
Module 4: Safety Guidelines
Module 5: Class Component - Warm-up
Module 6: Class Component - Cardiovascular Endurance
Module 7: Class Component - Muscular Strength and Endurance
Module 8: Class Component - Balance
Module 9: Class Component - Brain Fitness
Module 10: Class Component - Core Exercises
Module 11: Class Component - Ball Exercises
Module 12: Class Component - Cool-down
Module 13: Silver&Fit Signature Series Class - Explore
Module 14: Silver&Fit Signature Series Class - Experience
Module 15: Silver&Fit Signature Series Class - Excel
Module 16: Intelligent Design Guidelines
Module 17: Course Conclusion
Module 18: Final Test

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